Effort to make Dream, Dongkuk S&C will go in advance
CEO’s Greeting
We’re on a mission to become the
frontrunner of the global wind power market.
CEO Dongkuk S&C Yang Seung Joo

Spun off from steelmaker Dongkuk Industries in 2001, Dongkuk S&C has been a leading force in the development of wind tower production technology and a rising star of both the domestic and overseas wind energy markets. Utilizing our own technology to manufacture wind towers, the core component of wind energy, we esablished an extensive overseas sales network early on to facilitate Dongkuk S&C's entry into the global market. With a spirit of infinite challenge to seek out new markets and a brighter future, Dongkuk S&C has grown into a global major wind tower producer equipped with the largest single production facility in the world. Dongkuk S&C now looks ahead to ushering in a future of "green growth" as we secure our position as the global leader of the wind energy market under our "Vision" management plan, which sets new targets of KRW 1 trillion in annual sales and KRW 100 billion in operating income.

To help us realize these goals, Dongkuk S&C is concentrating efforts on developing new markets in the U.S., japan, Canada and Australia. We are also striving to position Dongkuk S&C at the center of the global new & renewable energy business, leveraging our longstanding trust from and partnerships with major worldwide wind trubine makers to stake out an early lead in this promising sector.

Armed width a management philosophy based on excellent product quality, customer service and human resources, the employees and executives of Dongkuk S&C are united in their determination to continue growing as a global enterprise and meeting the rising demand for innovative, environment -friendly energy.

Thank you.